Below is a quick start guide to setting up your Safenet (Luna) SA5 network attached Hardware Security Modules (HSMs)   Note: First step is to connect to the HSM using a serial Interface and putty (8N1, 115200). Default user/password are ADMIN/PASSWORD   Configure Luna SA Networking   Command   Notes/Comments lunash:> sysconf timezone set US/Central […]


Issue: Cisco Webex Add on Plug-in fails to install on the new mabook pro with macOS Sierra. It doesn’t give an error but it silently fails without installing the webex plug-in   Resolution:Open up the terminal window on your mac and create the below directory. mkdir ~/Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins After the directory is created, run the […]


Follow the below steps to associate your web tier instances with the corresponding Oracle WebLogic domain. Once the OHS Instances are linked to the domain, they can be managed and monitored via the Oracle Fusion Middleware console. Most of the configuration changes can be made through the console   To register the Oracle web tier […]

Issue: When troubleshooting Single Sign-On (SSO) issues or OAM SAML Assertion issues in OHS 11G, it is very useful to capture the HTTP Headers being passed to the web servers. By default OHS 11G servers have a perl script we can invoke to print the HTTP Headers.   Default URL: http://hostname.domain:port/cgi-bin/printenv   When invoking the […]


Issue:   While editing an existing attribute in Web center portal, I faced the below errors. Then I tried to make some other changes and pretty much every administrative change to Portal attributes or navigation failed with the same error.   Screenshot of the error:   WC_Spaces diagnostic logs had the below errors: [WC_Spaces2] [ERROR] […]


Oracle Unified Directory provides several types of logs: access logs, audit logs, error logs, debug logs, and a replication repair log. As an administrator, it is important for you to set right rotation and retention policies so that the file systems don’t become 100% utilized   To check the current list of log files enabled […]

Oracle weblogic servers generate different log files during runtime. It is important for the administrators to manage them through consistent log rotation and purge policies so that they don’t fill out file system and cause application outages   Admin Server and Manager Logs:   Admin Servers and Managed servers typically generate the following log files […]

Issue: Java Errors when using the Test Connection feature in Primavera P6 Administrator while testing connection from Directory Services or Database Eventing (Primavera Deployed on Weblogic) Sample Screenshots of errors: Resolution: While Configuring Directory Services for Database Eventing, most likely you want to test the connection using the “Test Connection” feature in the P6 Administrator […]


Login to AWS Console On the main page, click on EC2   Click on launch an instance Select RHEL Choose a server and select review and Launch Review the instance and launch Select existing key pair if you already have one otherwise create a new key pair and save it in a secure folder. Click […]

Issue: Sometimes you notice that SOA BPEL transactions are not evenly balanced between different nodes in a SOA Cluster. Symptoms of this issues are un-even SOA Datasource connection counts and system utilization (CPU/Mem). You can run the below query to find out how the BPEL transactions are load balanced between different soa servers in a cluster. […]