Month: January 2017


Jan 2017

Quick Start to Safenet SA5 HSMs – Part1

Below is a quick start guide to setting up your Safenet (Luna) SA5 network attached Hardware Security Modules (HSMs)   Note: First step is to connect to the HSM using a serial Interface and putty (8N1, 115200). Default user/password are ADMIN/PASSWORD   Configure Luna SA Networking   Command   Notes/Comments lunash:> sysconf timezone set US/Central […]


Jan 2017

Webex Plug-In not getting Installed on new macOS Sierra

Issue: Cisco Webex Add on Plug-in fails to install on the new mabook pro with macOS Sierra. It doesn’t give an error but it silently fails without installing the webex plug-in   Resolution:Open up the terminal window on your mac and create the below directory. mkdir ~/Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins After the directory is created, run the […]