Agile Project Management

Agile project management is a relatively modern concept which is now widely used across organisations for executing projects with speed and accuracy. Agile project management allows organisations to deliver the projects which require iterations and help them move to market fast. Gone are the days where the organisations had to wait for months and years to check if the product is successful; thanks to Agile Project management.

When compared with the traditional method of Waterfall SDLC, Agile allows more flexibility, accuracy, and scope changes. This helps to verify the ideas faster and ensure that successful ideas are built upon the successful base. There are multiple ways to implement Agile Project Management as it is an ideology and not a method.

Agile Project Management has allowed to create different project management tools which help to manage and assimilate the information with more grace and success.

Agile Attributes we follow

Five essential attributes form the core of our Agile Project Management system.

  • Communication

    Agile strives on indexing the scattered information into a single source. This helps every stakeholder in the process to view the information and communicate with each other more effectively resulting into lesser chances of miscommunication and the errors arising due to it. The data sources are very transparent and everyone knows everything, and changes which are made in any aspect of the project.

  • Lean Teams

    This is the ultimate goal of having a Agile Project Management Structure. The idea is that everyone on the teams knows basics of the project. This results in reduced dependency, better knowledge sharing, and faster executions. Gone are the days where only on skill per person was a good idea. In the current fast paced environment, it is necessary to have people with multiple skills; which can be achieved with practice of Agile project Management

  • Adaptability

    The current space of Internet, there is everything one imagines and more. In current competition it is essential that the product is tested fast so that the success and failure can be determined quickly. This allows for better product which can be moved relatively fast. This adaptability is achieved by Agile project Management; since it is the very philosophy of being Agile

  • Shared Ownership

    To make a project or a product successful it is essential that everyone part of the project or product has the ownership and role in the process. This ultimately results in a team mentality which takes ownership without prompting or hesitation. This allows for very smooth and accurate execution of the project.

  • Continuous Improvement

    Delivering a project alone is not sufficient. Managing the project is equal or more important. This requires continuous management, monitoring, and quick resolutions. Since Agile Project Management allows for a swift execution, it is go to Project Management method for continuous improvements of a project or product.

Implementation Process

Our Agile delivery process is a cycle of continuous adaptation, and the implementation happens in the following phases.

  • Problem identification: We identify the problem and make a statement so that problem is first documented. The problem statement is made clear enough to elicit and capture the essence.
  • Solution: Once the problem is identified there are exercises which are done in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders. This means that there are multiple solutions provided for a single problem and the best possible solution is picked up for execution
  • Documentation: This is to ensure that the solution is converted into workable project parts called artefacts. This can be as simple as a diagram to as complex as an intricate network of documents
  • Execution: The artefacts which are created are then converted into a working piece of software with checkpoints at every stage for accurate execution
  • Maintain and upgrade: This will allow the teams to make sure that everything which is being developed is maintained and upgraded as and when required. This becomes relatively easy since the team will have the capacity of more productivity and sense of ownership

Making Agile Process work for you

  • Regular Interaction

    This will allow everyone and anyone associated with the project to have sense of what is going on with the process. This can be as frequent as twice a day; depending upon the requirements

  • Workshops

    Whenever an artefact is executed and tested, it needs to be displayed for better understanding. This is done using Workshops where everything is touched and explained to entire team

  • Remain Agile

    The ultimate goal is to have a team which works on autonomous mode where little to no supervision is required. Once the team is agile it is more or less in zen mode.

We at Zion cloud embrace the Agile Project Management approach very effectively. This has helped in better client relation and retention. The main idea here is not to be just an agency for the project, but be the part of journey and have the sense of ownership with the client.

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