Maximum App Uptime Increases Your Productivity

There’s no reason for your business to manage your own application infrastructure. Outsourcing your app infrastructure increases uptime, adds to your bottom line, and boosts productivity. We keep your business running, you run your business.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Cloud infrastructure is continually backed up and allows you to work from anywhere.

  • Pay Less

    You pay for a service and don’t need to invest in costly IT infrastructure.

Run your business, not your information technology.

Zion has extensive experience managing middleware and databases, providing network services, storage and backup, capacity management, disaster recovery, and more.

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Streamline your infrastructure costs

  • Never overpay for storage or processing capacity. Cloud-based solutions allow flexible use of capacity so you pay for what you use without the need to overspend for under-used in-house capacity.
  • Cloud services can keep your business running if disaster hits. Unable to access your office because of the pandemic? Your staff can continue to work safely from anywhere with an Internet connection when your apps are in the cloud; not in a physical office.
  • Your apps are monitored around the clock for improved security. In-house IT teams, as dedicated as they are, need to sleep. An attempted hack or intrusion in the middle of the night won’t be addressed until the next day. With the cloud, potential data breaches are identified and dealt with immediately.

Zion - Here to Help You

We’ll keep your infrastructure running so you can run your business.

And we’ll always tell you what you need to hear -- not what you want to hear.

  • Expand Anytime

    Cloud-based infrastructure can rapidly expand and contract to meet your needs.

  • Right for You

    Infrastructure doesn’t provide competitive advantage. We’ll keep the IT lights on with the perfect balance of services chosen for your unique needs.

  • Proven Experts

    Zion has supported hundreds of customers with fundamental IT infrastructure decisions and management.

  • Do Other Work

    Let your IT team do what they’re great at. Let us do this.

Maximize Benefits With Efficient IT Solutions.

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