Application Support

Maintenance and support is an integrated part of any application which is developed. It happens more than often that application while being created either misses out on certain solutions or solutions are left out just to check the best possible implementation. This allows the application to have a larger growth curve and hit the maturity stage that much late.

When an application is released for general usage it becomes essential that it is well supported and maintained. A well maintained app always has a high probability of getting more success since each aspect of the application is properly planned and executed.

It is always important to have a provider who is capable and interested and helps with the application support since it is going to be very crucial.

What do we offer?

At Zion clouds we support and maintain an already created application. Our service scope allows us to manage the application with seamless performance which allows the application owners to spend more time and energy for their business operation.

We provide a 360 degree application support services. We ensure that all our team members have technical and processes have the know-how of the application.

The teams are extremely structured and follow the benchmark SOP for Application support.

The scope of Application support has following components


The support services are provided and structured as per the nature of support. We are capable of providing technical solution for complex problems. We are also capable providing business solutions with the help of external Subject Matter Experts.

Application Management-

The management of the application requires an in-depth technical knowledge and even more ownership of the application. With our Lean teams in place Application Management becomes that much easier and structured.

Besides the usual Application support and management, the team has capabilities of maintaining various maintenance checks, incident reports, check point reports, change logs, API versioning and so on.

Application Support and Maintenance Services

We have teams which are capable of provide Support and Maintenance with following scope

Why Zion Cloud Company?

We have teams who can manage various applications of different size. We believe in having lean teams so that there are very less individual dependencies and the application is managed more effectively.

We have the technical and business understanding which allows for better results for Application maintenance. We can manage anything and everything related to Application right from the technology to hosting the application.

We also have the required server infrastructure which will help in getting all solutions in one place.

Application Security
  • To start with the team can perform a basic security test for SQL injections, xss cross scripting, basic configuration testing, API enpoints testing, among other testing
  • There are advanced level tests which involve penetration testing, source code (static and data) testing which can be performed by the team
  • The client side security is of utmost important
  • The team has access to the tools which allow for an automated testing for security
  • Every security audit is logged and is shared with you for reference
Application Bugs and errors
  • We have a structured approach for the bugs and errors
  • The bugs and errors in the application are first triaged based on the severity of the impact
  • The bugs can be functional or non-functional, and can be easily handled by the team
  • The team ensures that bugs and errors are handled based on set priority
  • The incident reports having detailed for root cause analysis, possible impact, and potential threats are created and maintained for future reference
Application performance
  • There are various enhancements which can be done for application to handle and manage the processing data which is generated and stored.
  • In addition to the data processing the team is well versed with the standard practices for coding which allows for better speed of application
  • There are also various non-functional factors which help in elevating the overall application performance like server calls, ping backs, lag management, latency of the application to name a few; all these can be managed
  • The application can also be monitored for any issues and downtime in real time which helps to minimize and manage any sudden
Code and Database Management
  • As the application starts getting used there are going to be code which is not used and needs to be discarded. This helps in better performance.
  • The team can manage it using Devops and CI/CD. This helps towards more accurate and faster delivery of new changes in the codebase of the application
  • The team can also work on the server management on which the application is hosted. This allows handling of any server problems coming in.
Application enhancements
  • There are various topics which needs to be covered in the application during the Application Maintenance phase
  • All enhancements are first discussed, communication, and documented for future references
  • The enhancements are delivered in accurate and timely manner using processes and techniques which allows for a quick release into the live application
  • All new enhancement are introduced only after a thorough regression testing to ensure that no existing functionality is broken in the application
  • Everything which is deployed by the team as part of new enhancement is monitored and checked to the last detail
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