Flexible, Reliable, Cost-Effective IT Infrastructure in the Cloud

An IT infrastructure built on Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides supreme flexibility. Pay for only the services, storage, and processing power you need while enabling analytics, business productivity, the Internet of Things, and more. Best of all -- it’s a service, there’s no in-house infrastructure to manage.

  • Microsoft Azure

    A constantly-expanding set of cloud services and business productivity solutions.

  • AWS

    Web services for nearly any cloud-based business need, from storage to robotics.

Run Your Apps in the Cloud -- or Use Existing Services

WIth both Microsoft Azure and AWS, you can either select the services and apps that you would like to use or you can run your applications in an Azure or AWS cloud environment. What’s right for your business? Zion can help you choose the right fit for you.

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Azure and AWS: Improved Your IT Infrastructure AND Save Money

  • Save money. When you migrate workloads to the cloud, you save money by not having to invest in on-prem hardware. Many SMBs also lower their staffing costs by needing a smaller IT team.
  • Improve efficiency. SMBs who rely on either Azure or AWS as their cloud service provider experience less downtime than with an in-house IT infrastructure.
  • Migrating your apps and IT infrastructure to the cloud requires serious planning. The certified-cloud experts at Zion know how to adapt your unique business goals to the available cloud resources in both Microsoft Azure and AWS.

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