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Sep 2018

OIM/OAM 12c RCU Creation failed for Oracle DB12c

Issue: When we run the RCU utility to create the OIM/OAM Schemas, the following error is encountered Mon Sep 24 23:36:02.696 UTC 2018 ERROR assistants.rcu.backend.task.PrereqTask: oracle.sysman.assistants.rcu.backend.task.PrereqTask::execute: Prereq Evaluation Failed oracle.sysman.assistants.rcu.backend.validation.PrereqException: ERROR – RCU-6083 Prerequisite check failed for selected component: CAUSE – RCU-6083 Prerequisite check failed for selected component. ACTION – RCU-6083 Refer to the RCU […]


Aug 2016

Configure Log Rotation and Retention for OUD (Oracle Unified Directory) Servers

Oracle Unified Directory provides several types of logs: access logs, audit logs, error logs, debug logs, and a replication repair log. As an administrator, it is important for you to set right rotation and retention policies so that the file systems don’t become 100% utilized   To check the current list of log files enabled […]