Project Management

Project management involves organizing the company’s resources to complete a task, duty, or event. Our consultants specialize in executing projects depending on your requirements.

Here, we emphasize the end goal to complete the project within the deadline and budget. Our project management service focuses on creating and maintaining project schedules within the given milestones, and we help optimize the allocation of resources.

The development of a project is critical, and our objective is to identify tasks, quantify the resources needed, and describe how to achieve your goals. We can also help you define the overall budget, and we operate within a recognized framework.

Project Management Tools

A project is organized and tracked through special tools, and we can chart your progress in our specialized software. Our complex management software helps us determine the best project management methodology required to take the project from conceptualization to completion.

There are many wholly integrated modules in the SAP system. They cover nearly every area of company administration like SAP Software competitors on the market, such as Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, and others.

  • Dashboards
  • Gantt charts
  • Project scheduling
  • Resource planning
  • Team collaboration
  • Issue tracking
  • Project reporting
  • Time recording

These tools allow us to design the project by understanding the uncertainties involved. We evaluate the critical steps to identify the tasks with resource constraints. Therefore, we emphasize an integrated team of developers, managers, and quality assurance to plan and implement improvements. The process of quality assurance enables us to conduct a functional assessment to fulfill your project objectives.

Implementation Process

We use the waterfall model of the project management process, where all the steps move sequentially like a waterfall.

  • Initiation: During the initiation stage, we understand the project, develop objectives, and identify stakeholders.
  • Planning and Design: Further, we define the objectives into concrete goals and break them into manageable tasks. These objectives include time and cost estimates, resource assignment, sequence, and schedule, which need to occur in this stage.
  • Execution and Construction: The implementation of the project happens after you or other decision-makers have approved the project plan.
  • Monitoring and Controlling systems: We continue to monitor the project throughout development to recognize the defaults and make changes. Meanwhile, we highlight the milestones and create reports to issue to the decision-makers.
  • Completion: The final stage of our process involves evaluating the project, preparing the final report, and handing it off to you.

Our strategic project management drives our vision, mission, and values. Apart from the traditional management methodologies, we also use the critical chain model, extreme project management, agile model, process-based model, event-chain process, Prism, and Lean model. With our expertise in all the project management methodologies, we review plans on any project type and deliver them on time.

Why Zion Cloud Company?

Zion Cloud is a value-driven business, and we have extensive experience in providing consultancy services for all types of projects. We pride ourselves on catering tailored services that help clients define their project needs and establish their options.

Zion Cloud has successfully managed to fulfill the goals of our clients through a controlled and well-managed planning. This functional assessment helps us to ensure that you have a comprehensive project with an effective outlined strategy.