IT Security and PKI

ZCS provides one of industry's broadest set of professional services for Cyber security and PKI Infrastructure. Our mature and proven Cyber Security practice helps organizations with security transition & transformation programs which help mitigate security risks and challenges

ZCS Cyber Security portfolio integrates business context intelligence, threat data, and cyber security insights. Our team of security consultants and certified security experts cant help organizations to anticipate cyber-attacks, respond to threats and recover faster from a security incident.

We provide continuous recommendations to organizations that help determine the best way to readjust or allocate resources to further enhance their protection and more effectively mitigate attack vectors that were identified at the business and technical levels.

Our Areas of Expertise:
  • Cyber Security Professional Services
  • Application Security Services
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Cloud/Hybrid Security Managed Services
  • E-Mail Security
  • PKI Infrastructure Services
  • Hardware Security Modules (HSM)
  • SSL Certificate Managment
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